Silence Space
30th April 2017
6:30pm- 7:15pm
From January we are hosting two silence based prayer times each month, one on Sunday evening and one on Monday lunchtime. Both are open to people outside the Cathedral community.

Sundays at 6.30pm for around 45 minutes.

8th Jan; 5th Feb; 5th March; 2nd April; 30th April; 4th June.

They are aimed at people with no or little experience of silent prayer, but who want to find out more. There will be an initial period of discussion about developing a practice of silence, followed by trying out some different exercises and practices that can help us to settle into silence.

Mondays: 1pm for 30 minutes.

9th Jan; 13th Feb; 13th March; 10th April; 8th May; 12th June.

There will be a short, opening reading followed by silence for the remainder of the time, until a concluding prayer. These are most appropriate for people with some experience of silence.

If you’d like to know more please email


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