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First World War Fund - Bradford Cathedral State Gate Repairs

We are absolutely delighted that the First Word War Fund has given us this grant of £349,479 towards the repair and restoration of this piece of Bradford’s heritage. The Cathedral is keen to make a contribution to regeneration and this will transform one of the features in the centre of Bradford. The grant is an exception to the criteria for the Scheme but the Panel believed that it fell entirely within the spirit of it.

The State Gate, directly opposite the new Westfield site, was built at the end of the 19th century as part of the Cathedral precinct but it is only within the last twenty years that the Cathedral has become entirely responsible for it. It is the main access to the Cathedral from the centre of the City and the railway station and is in a poor state of repair. We have been told that it might have to close within two years due to the risk it poses. This will clearly compromise the Cathedral’s welcome to people in the centre of the City as well as inconvenience shoppers using the Cathedral precinct as a thoroughfare.

The money will enable repairs such as grouting, pointing, rebuilding certain sections and reinstating a blocked up opening.

There is one challenge that we face though – we still need to find the £60,000 to cover the VAT so that this project can be started!  That is the next urgent task.  As soon as those funds have been secured we are up and running.

Jerry Lepine

Dean of Bradford

For further details of the funding, please go to:  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cathedrals-secure-8million-for-repairs-as-part-of-first-world-war-centenary-fund