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Book of Remembrance


Ackroyd to Ashworth Hustwick to Jowett, D
Barber to Bownes Jowett,E to Kilburn
Birkby to Butler Knight to Lumby
Brian to Butterfield Markwell to Milburn
Baines to Birtles Montrose to Matthews
Campbell to Cordingley Naylor to Padgett
Conlon to Crabtree Parsons to Rack
Dalby to Driver Ramsden to Robinson, F
Durham to Finnegan Robinson, G to Scott
Fleet to Gariss Samuel to Shepherd
Gill to Gregg Slater to Sugden
Griffith to Hollingsworth Summersgill to Topham
Harbron to Holdsworth Thompson to Watkins
Haylock to Holroyd Walton to Wilson, W
Holland to Hutchinson Wilson, S to Young