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Adult Visitors  

Individual visitors and pilgrims:

'Peaceful, beautiful, friendly, welcoming. It has a special atmosphere'.
These are the comments of countless visitors. Individual visitors and pilgrims are always welcome in the Cathedral and its Chapels, where you can light a candle or write in the Book of Intercessions. A variety of informative and reflective materials will support your visit:

Guides to Bradford Cathedral
Cathedral Guidebook
Short Guides – English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish.

Self guided theme tours:
A variety of leaflets which take you to places of interest around the Cathedral on the theme
of your choice.

Family tour:
The Pelican Trail specially prepared for families, with activities for children

Guided Quiet leaflets:
A meditative approach to a theme unfolded at special features around the Cathedral.


Guided Tours for Groups:
Visitors of all faiths are welcome to Bradford Cathedral.
Whether your group has a special interest or general interest, you will find a warm welcome in Bradford Cathedral. A full guided tour for a group takes about an hour and a quarter.
Old church
Enjoy a guided tour in this beautiful building, where everything has a meaning and a story. See the city revealed through its cathedral. Unlock the secrets of Bradford’s past and discover the treasures of 1300 years of faith on this site. See the evidence of change in a developing city. Hear inspiring stories of individuals: astronomers and apprentices, manufacturers and mill-hands - an amazing collection of saints and sinners. Experience a peaceful oasis now, where battle once raged.

Discover the Christian faith richly expressed in wood and stone, fabric and glass, sign and symbol. Find out about a living Cathedral and its community from welcoming, friendly guides. Individuals and small or large groups - all are welcome. Tours must be booked in advance.We can tailor the Tour to your interests, and refreshments can be arranged.

Guided tours:
Donations are greatly appreciated
Facilities for the disabled are available.




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