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Cathedral Education Visits - Introduction
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Learning Outside the Classroom:

Bradford Cathedral is a first class educational resource offering a perfect venue for Learning Outside the Classroom. It is full of opportunities for first-hand discovery, offered in an imaginative and well-developed programme by an experienced teaching team. This ancient place of worship, with over thirteen hundred years of history, tells two different kinds of story: the Christian story and that of Bradford, in a national and international framework.

A special RE resource

We offer a variety of ways to explore and experience RE Curricula. Experiences and activities are also available to help schools address the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals (as outlined in the Bradford Agreed Syllabus Religious Education). The Cathedral’s special nature provides an important RE resource. Here is a ‘living building’ – not a museum, where every feature has a particular meaning or use to discover. Visual and accessible, it is packed full of interest, worked out carefully in a logical and simple programme, and interpreted by members of the Faith community, in a choice of special RE options. Children and supervisors of all Faiths feel included and welcome as they explore the Christian Faith through the Cathedral. Small groups of children with special needs are welcome and disabled facilities are available.

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Tailor made visits…across the Curriculum

The Cathedral can be explored through many approaches across the curriculum and offers options in art, creative writing, drama, local history, materials, music, and RE planned and delivered to complement NC Guidelines. The options are adaptable to meet the needs of each Key Stage and also your specific requirements. Themes can be highlighted as required in each option, and links made between the options, throughout the visit. Visits are tailor made to your needs and are booked and planned with the Cathedral’s Education Adviser. Start and finish times can be varied to suit your transport needs. School Visit handbooks are available.

Please feel free to call us to discuss any other topic options that we are not at present showing on our website as we are always happy, as far as possible, to try and cater for the needs of your group.

In case of illness or other necessity, the Cathedral reserves the right to change an agreed option, and to substitute a similar activity. If at all possible, this will be avoided.

Teachers comment on Cathedral Visits:
With grateful thanks to Blakehill Primary School for permission to quote:
'The Cathedral staff always plan our visit well from our requirements. It was brilliantly organised and the plan delivered and timed to perfection. Agreed objectives were met and many others that we could not attempt to deliver in school. Children learned a lot and really enjoyed the visit. 'The activities were varied and allowed the children to be actively involved. With so many things to see and do, the 'awe and wonder' the children experienced was priceless and couldn't be achieved anywhere else. 'A big thank you to all the staff who worked hard to make us feel welcome and ensure that the children had a fun time, besides learning a lot.'

Visit Charges:
Bradford Cathedral welcomes school groups and aims to be accessible to all pupils regardless of financial circumstances. There is no fixed charge but donations are invited from those who are able to afford it. Suggested donations per pupil are
Day visit £3.50
Morning visit & use of lunch room £2.50
Tour only or short visit £1.50
We rely on the generosity of our visitors and friends, and are grateful for all monies donated. However we do not want any school to be excluded from visiting the Cathedral on the grounds of cost.

Enquiries and bookings:

Phone: 01274 777720.
Email: education bradfordcathedral.org

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Acknowledgements: School Photographs: Jon Howard.
Cathedral Photographs: Caroline Moore.
We are indebted to the Staff, children and parents of the Church School, Baildon, for permission to photograph their visit.

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