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Key Stage 2  


RE Options

Place of Worship Tour:
Features: Font (baptism), Nave (people at worship), Lectern and Pulpit (Bible), Chancel: Music in worship, cathedra and bishop; Sanctuary (Holy Communion), a Chapel.
(May include landmarks of life – baptism,
marriage, funerals).

Roots Tour:
Cathedral Windows tell stories of the life of Jesus, the early Church, and the saints of the British Isles. Module may include some mime.

Nave 1

Baptism Re-enactment:
with children’s participation, simple explanation, interesting visual aids.

Dramatised story:
in St Aidan’s Chapel, in the Candlelit Cell by St Aidan of Lindisfarne or St Hild of Whitby.

Aidan’s story:
Includes sung plainchant (Bede’s prayer), the Anglo-Saxon Lord’s Prayer, Aidan and Oswald,
life on Holy Island.

Hild’s story:
The story of Christianity spreading to Yorkshire with stories of invaders and settlers, slaves and saints. Includes sung plainchant.
Drama Drama:
Bringing a Bible story to life in mime:
Healing of Blind Man; The Good Samaritan; The Prodigal Son, Peter the fisherman, The Christmas Story and the Easter Story

Signs and Symbols:
Using colourful visual aids and volunteers.
Festivals and special days.
The symbols and colours of the Church’s Year.
Robes/ role of priest and bishop
Dangerous times and rise of secret signs

KS2 Optional Transition Unit:
Reflections (Symbolism, Spiritual,
Creativity, Imagination)
A time of reflective silence as a group
A time of quiet individual reflection through
writing, drawing, exploring, using the senses, etc


Other options across the curriculum:

Observational drawing recording for later development back in school, William Morris windows aincluding a wealth of windows by Morris, exploration of his use of pattern, the scope of his work, his use of colour etc., design a stained glass window


Morris glass
Mosaic Mosaic Making:
Using a template of a mosaic design on the War Memorial, and the vivid colours of the West Window in shiny foils, children create stunning mosaics– in half an hour!

Creative Writing:
Individual choice using observation and imagination to write: a story, a poem, or a description on a given or chosen theme

Creating a group acrostic

Local History Tour .  Bradford and the Civil War,         The stories of Bradford and some of its people, from memorials and features

The work of the Rev. Dr. William Scoresby FRS, A fascinating story with visual aids, of a Victorian prodigy: Vicar of Bradford, Master Mariner, Arctic Explorer, internationally renowned scientist, champion of the poor of Bradford.

Civil war

If a member of the Music Department is available

Singing together
Organ demonstration and singing
Organ demonstration only

Cathedral Music
Styles of live organ music and various






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