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KS3 & 4

Key Stage 3 and 4

RE Options:

Christian Place of Worship and Beliefs

A typical short KS3 visit might consist of an in-depth tour and talk, with time for questions. The Tour might be ‘Place of Worship’ only.
For a longer visit, the Christian Place of Worship Tour may be paired with the Candlelit Cell
experience, Art, Drama, and/or a Heritage Tour.

A Living Cathedral
(wide overview of its purpose and uses, its worship, its history, its features, its
community and its place within the City.

Observational drawing.
Art Workshops with an artist (possibly in the context of a Cathedral Art Exhibition).

Candlelit Cell:
exploring the enduring spiritual heritage of an earlier age

Creative Writing:
An opportunity to reflect, record and imagine

Crucifixion and Resurrection

Local History Tour:
How a key buildng reflects the changes and influences in society at large.

KS3 and 4 Optional Study Units and Post 16:
Visits are tailor made to your needs and are booked and planned with the Cathedral’s Education Adviser, who has access to a wide range of external specialists who can lead workshops and seminars.

Post 16:

The Cathedral regulary hosts groups of visitors from colleges for tailor made visits, talks and tours. Groups include ESOL, overseas visitors with an interest in English culture and language improvement; young adults with special needs; young adults in preparation for employment; special interest groups such as A level Art or RE; students on courses such as, Art or Educational Studies or PGCE.
As with Key Stages 3 and 4, the Cathedral’s Education Officer has access to a wide range of external specialists who can lead workshops and seminars. Quiet days can also be arranged for youth leaders etc.


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