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Module Summary Table

These are just some of the modules that we can offer. Others include

Who was Saint Peter? ;  Pilgrimage; Find Peter Bear - a place of worship tour for Foundation Stage; Art & craft modules - design a stained glass window, create a mosaic cross, William Morris windows ;  A Christmas Journey ; An Easter Journey


Module Summary Table
Module Purpose After the visit the children will be able to:
Cathedral Highlights Tour To explore the highlights of an ancient place of Christian worship in a selective tour of the Cathedral and discover features which illustrate the Christian story and the stories of Bradford - describe the purpose of a cathedral; label the parts of a church; explain the main elements of Christian worship; tell main stories from the life of Jesus and recount one or two stories from local history.
Story Walk
The Story Walk unfolds a Bible story for the very young and involves a simple RE based tour which is enhanced by searching for animals represented in the carvings and windows. - repeat a Bible story; describe parts of the building and their uses; recall the meaning of some signs and symbols and use observation to find small detail in a large building.
Place of Worship Tour

In the Place of Worship Tour we look at the building and examine how Christians observe the landmarks of life, how and when they worship, holy books, special services, and music in worship.

- describe the key features of a Christian place of worship, the main elements of Baptism and the Holy Communion, the use of the Bible, hymn book and kneeler, and explain the part played by Choir and Organ.
Roots tour The Roots Tour follows a trail which uses colourful windows to tell the story of the life of Jesus, the beginnings of the Early Church and the spread of Christianity to the British Isles. It may involve the use of drama. - recount the stories of the Nativity, Life, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ; recall details of the growth of the Church from its beginnings and recognise and express the feelings engendered by acting or observing these stories.
Bradford Heritage Tour The Bradford Heritage Tour tells the story of our history as shown in a Cathedral tour which includes national and international references: eg Civil War Siege of Bradford; World War 1 memorial window. It may include opportunities for drawing. - explain how a building records local history; illustrate local history with story or drawing and describe the use of woolsacks in the protection of the tower during the English Civil War.
Victorian Bradford - Tour or Module To describe Victorian Bradford: living and working conditions, developments in Education. This may be story-telling with visual aids, or a Victorian Tour. - describe the living conditions in Bradford in the nineteenth century and some of the efforts made for improvement.


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