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The World War I Bells Project is now underway and visitors to the Cathedral will see evidence of the restoration of the Cathedral's Bell Tower in full 'swing'. Ten of the bells in the Tower (now in the process of being repaired and renovated) are memorials to those who fought and those who died in WWI.

They were dedicated and hung in the Tower in 1921. Inscribed on the bells are  poignant messages from civic leaders commemorating men of the City who gave their lives; from families recording an individual lost; from sidesmen and members of the Cathedral choir in thanksgiving for peace; from Sunday School teachers in gratitude for freedom; from the Mothers of Bradford recording their love for and gratitude to the men who died. 


The Cathedral also contains a 1921 memorial window to the 6th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. Collectively these memorials are a tangible reminder of how the Cathedral community wished to thank and also remember those killed in the First World War; they also extol the importance of the universal human rights of peace and feedom.


The aim of the Project is to increase community engagement with our shared  heritage, and  to attract young people and people from  a range of ethnic and social backgrounds as volunteers and visitors to the Cathedral (the First World War involved people of mant nations and many faiths and none, many of who have descendants living in Bradford and the United Kingdom today).  

People of all faiths and of no faith, are all welcome in this amazing building and this project will facilitate opportunities for everyone to learn about the Christian past of Bradford and the Cathedral's central role in international, national and local events.  People will be able to learn more about the heritage of the Cathedral in a way that interests them, as well as having opportunities to volunteer as researchers, guides or even join the bell ringing community. The people of Bradford and visitors from further afield, will hear the Cathedral bells ringing out once again across the city. 

The project will entail archive research and the conservation and the cataloging of heritage documents. It will result in an exhibition featuring film, written and image based information, artefacts and  interactive media. The Project Team will be offering school visits (primary and secondary), workshops and a number of heritage events that (along with the exhibition) will provide informal learning opportunities for all.

Interested in getting involved? For more information please contact Diane Hadwen heritage@bradfordcathedral.org (education and learning) or vounteers@bradfordcathedral.org (volunteering). You may also follow the Project on Twitter @WWIBellsProject (Heritage Education).

Meet the Team:

  • Diane Hadwen (Heritage Education)
  • Belle Vue Films (Heritage Interpretation)




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