The Cathedral is a place of pilgrimage for individuals and groups and the Director of Education and Visitors, is very happy to discuss and facilitate organised pilgrimages with group leaders.

Pilgrimages may focus on the Saxon and Celtic heritage of Christianity; using the stories of Saint Aidan, Saint Hild and other northern saints as a way into exploring this heritage.

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Chapel Pilgrimages

These focus on the new chapels in the east end of the Cathedral. Pilgrimages explore the themes of each chapel the St Aidan's Chapel, the Holy Spirit Chapel, the Lady Chapel.

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Silent Pilgrimages

Quiet reflective days, or part days, may be arranged as required.

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Evening Pilgrimages 

Evening Pilgrimages take the form of a meditative journey in the Cathedral which follows a theme, usually visiting seven features or stopping places in the Cathedral. The themes are specially written and unique to Bradford Cathedral, and their importance unfolds in readings and music as pilgrims progress. Themes may be topical or historic, with contemporary issues and historic turning points explored in a blend of fact and reflection. In the changing perspectives of the building it is possible to experience ‘windows’ on the world, and to experience a new dimension to prayer.

These thought provoking and prayerful pilgrimages, offer a peaceful time of reflection in the presence of God in this ancient and  sacred space.