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Please pray with us for our world, nation, and community, and for those who are close to you. Use this prayer wall to leave your prayers and light a virtual candle.

Daily prayer is at the heart of cathedral worship, and we will be praying for you and your loved ones. You can now join us for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for other services online. For more information please email

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David P Carol

Lord Jesus Christ.
Every morning I stop

And pray to the Lord
Jesus Christ every day
And he's my Lord and my Savior in life
And he's inside my heart day and night
And just listen to him beat
He's smiling away beating
Inside my heart every day
And I love the Lord Jesus Christ
So much in life
And he's forever inside my heart and
It's where he'll stay forever
Beating inside my heart every day.

Saturday 2 January 2021


Please pray for me as my career is completely in the dark. I am in Canada and want to resume my career after switching off my work in the UK. I am a professional buyer/ merchandiser/ purchasing & procurement expert but could not click yet with a good organisation despite attending several interviews. Pray to the almighty to give me strength in this hard time and ask him to open the right door at the earliest so that I can feed my family as well.  

Friday 23 October 2020


I am crying for prayers, I am so tired, physically, mentally and emotionally, I don't know what to do anymore. Please help my son Dan's business be successful and prosperous. Please help us sell our condo quickly and move to a smaller unit, it's too much financially. I cannot handle it anymore, I am extremely depressed. Please help Dan and Mark, his brother, be very close to each other. Help Dan and his girlfriend get married and have a wonderful relationship. I am over 70 years old and my husband is 76.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Alice Downes

Please pray for Emma Taylor and family - she is now in Manchester receiving intensive care. Emma is a wonderful 18 year old who has so much to give.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Sylvia Ross

Please pray for my friend Andrew, whose mother is ill and reaching the end of her life. 

Thursday 9 July 2020

Sharron Arnold

Please pray for Emma Taylor, an 18 year old member of our congregation at The Eldwick Church, who is in intensive care at Airedale Hospital with Covid. Remember also her parents, Matthew and Ruth, and sister Sophie, as they wait by her bedside.

Friday 10 July 2020


Please pray for healing. Get out for a walk daily. Disciplined daily bible study and prayer. Practical gifting put to use. Local foodbanks, volunteers. S work in UK paid soon. My cancellation of Jerusalem faith walk to be of help to team. God's blessing on G, S Tokyo safety. S R family safe. 

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Mary White

Please pray for the family of Simba a fellow worker of mine who has died from corona virus.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Sylvia Ross

Please pray for those who are isolated and unable to see their families at this terrible time.

Saturday 13 June 2020


We pray for those who suffer or are dying and whose underlying causes include poverty and consequent poor health.

Saturday 9 May 2020


Please pray for all who are suffering from anxiety at this time.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

A Nutall

I pray for our wonderful NHS and key workers, helping those who are ill and vulnerable at this difficult time. May we value them, and do all we can to support them, now and in the future.

Tuesday 21 April 2020


I pray for those experiencing mental health problems and who are fearful of the future. Give them strength and hope. Amen

Monday 7 April 2020