Teachers comment on Cathedral Visits:
Other anonymous comments (school details with-held):
As always, a wonderful visit, and great value for money.  We'll be back again next year.
Value for money? Marvellous. The children were 100% focussed on the input due to your excellent delivery of the learning objectives.
You made us feel so welcome, and made the building such an interesting and lively place for investigation. The organisation was superb, so that we seemed to move naturally from one activity to the next, and everyone showed such consideration and kindness to us.
A fantastic and informative day.  It was a well organised day from the moment we arrived. All the staff had a great manner with the children.
Aimed well at children's level.  The activities can easily be followed up in class, linked to other subjects eg English.
The after pack really helped.
... a practical learning experience.
Really well organised - very interesting - matched well to the needs of the children - fantastic!  Kamran said he 'loved' the Cathedral. Paul said 'I'm having a fantastic time!'
A brilliant, well thought out experience.
The children benefitted from lovely, calm atmosphere.
Tea and coffee for the staff were much appreciated.
Excellent visit from beginning to end. It was fun, practical and visual.
...such a stimulating visit. The children seemed to remember an incredible amount about the Cathedral and without exception thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
They still haven't stopped talking about it.
...interesting, rewarding, peaceful, soul-restoring days
I have rarely seen my pupils so interested and attentive. I know that you have brought alive for them the beliefs and customs of Christianity. In the two hours in the Cathedral you achieved more than a term's work of book-based study. I know they will benefit from this both personally and academically.
The follow-up work we have done so far in school has been very productive.
Very impressed with the way our 'Healthy School Week' was included. This was really a visit organised with us in mind. We just keep coming back! A school vist that is like no other.
An adult group:
Warm, friendly welcome, exquisite detail given of history and features of church. A tour of this type cannot be evaluated in monetary terms. It was a day for all those who attended to remember.
What the children said about their visits to the Cathedral....
I thought it would be boring but I soon changed my mind
I am not usually quiet. I enjoyed drawing the cushions. Thankyou for everything (Thomas, 6)
Can you invite me again? (Tim, 5)
I liked doing the mysteries of the Cathedral.
There were so many wonderful things to draw I didn't know which to choose.
I found some steps that lead to nowhere and a bricked up door.
Even to this day no-one knows what happened to the little angel... but I think God does.

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