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Welcome to the Bradford Cathedral website. The Cathedral is one of  Yorkshire’s  ‘hidden gems’. It is the oldest building in the City but it also has a wonderful 20th-century extension. Ancient and modern. Visitors are constantly surprised and uplifted by this intimate and yet inspiring place of prayer. Since the first millennium, Christians have worshipped on this hillside in the centre of Bradford. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Cathedrals of the Northern Province

William Thackray photo of Durham Cathedral.

Retired priest William Thackray, who is based in Northallerton and has spoken at the cathedral previously, has made available an incredible book all about fourteen cathedrals of the Northern Province, including Bradford Cathedral.

You can read it now online.


Lights of Bradford

When we look at an object, in reality, we only see the light coming from that. There are a lot of things you can see in Bradford, and this film aims to show a few of them. That is why the title of this film is Lights of Bradford. As a multicultural city, it shows unconditional acceptance towards everyone. Coming from that, it’s like a food that has flavors from every cuisine. You can experience several things from all around the world, by being at just one place, Bradford. The film depicts how Donnie Horvath sees Bradford, with the cultural, ethnical diversity of it.