The purpose of Artspace is to offer the people of Bradford and beyond high quality performance and visual Arts’ events, reflecting the significance of the Arts within the Christian church.

It will do this by:

  • Connecting the Cathedral with the wider community through Arts’ events that have local resonances

  • Being open to a wide range of people and communities, helping them to explore issues of spirituality

  • Offering local artists performance and exhibition space within which to celebrate their creativity

  • Working in partnership with organisations that share its desire to increase cooperation and understanding in a multi-faith environment

  • Showcasing a range of Arts’ events that beautify the cathedral building by being in sympathy and harmony with it, and increasing the number of visitors


Serenity: Poetry, Song and Music

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Encounters with Jesus: An exhibition for Lent, Easter and Pentecost by Ali Thistlethwaite

Encounters with Jesus image.

From Wednesday 26th February
Secret transactions with God in prayer have life-changing consequences. Within worship and prayer, sorrow can be turned to joy, tension to peace. Alison Thistlethwaite’s paintings aim to capture some of this process in paint. Her paintings are not just depictions, or recollections, of encounters with God through the Spirit. They are themselves painted in encounter with God, much like the prayers of any one of us, but in physical form.

Alison comes from both an art and music background. Her art training specialised in colour, and her music training (for voice and music therapy) had a strong emphasis on improvisation. Sung worship is also very important to her. With abstract paintings these different streams combine. She hopes that these paintings for Lent, Easter and Pentecost will encourage personal encounters with Christ.
Ali Thistlethwaite lives in Gloucestershire and this is her second exhibition at the Cathedral.

The exhibition will launch at the 7pm Ash Wednesday service and run until the 12th June.


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