The purpose of Artspace is to offer the people of Bradford and beyond high-quality performance and visual Arts’ events, reflecting the significance of the Arts within the Christian church.

It will do this by:

  • Connecting the Cathedral with the wider community through Arts’ events that have local resonances

  • Being open to a wide range of people and communities, helping them to explore issues of spirituality

  • Offering local artists performance and exhibition space within which to celebrate their creativity

  • Working in partnership with organisations that share its desire to increase cooperation and understanding in a multi-faith environment

  • Showcasing a range of Arts’ events that beautify the cathedral building by being in sympathy and harmony with it, and increasing the number of visitors

If you would like to enquire about the possibility of exhibiting or performing in the Cathedral, please email us


Current Work

We have a 'Photographer in Residence' in position at the Cathedral. Find out more about this position.


Upcoming Exhibitions and Events


Aire Valley Arts - Unfolding (Wednesday 1st September - Thursday 28th October 2021)

This exhibition is a collaboration between Bradford Cathedral and Kala Sangam.

Nature Unfolding, Jane Fielder, watercolour.

Nature Unfolding, Jane Fielder, watercolour


Art, like life, has a beautiful way of unfolding in its own exquisite way and in its own natural time frame.

We may start with an idea, a concept, a vision, but the real beauty, in art and in life, is often found when we allow a natural, unforced, free-flowing unfolding.”The resulting exhibition, ‘Unfolding’, is a celebration of this natural, creative process. The artwork that will be showcased was created during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021.

‘Unfolding’ runs from Wednesday 1st September through to Thursday 28th October, and you can view the entire exhibition between 10am and 4pm Mondays – Fridays (except 12noon – 4pm Wednesdays) and from 10am – 2pm Saturdays.  Please visit the Bradford Cathedral or Kala Sangam websites to check for any changes to these times. There may be opportunities outside of these times to see some parts of the exhibition.

Visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts on the exhibition using #AVAUnfolding on social media. The artwork is also available to buy, which can be done at the Bradford Cathedral office between 10am and 1pm or details can be left with the members of staff at the exhibition.

Read the interview with Jane Fielder on the Bradford Cathedral blog.