Photographer in Residence: Kate Abbey

Kate AbbeyPhotographer and Director Kate Abbey is Bradford Cathedral’s new Photographer in Residence.

She has been invited to be the artist in residence for a 12-month period, to come and photograph within the cathedral, to capture an idea of what the cathedral represents.

This opportunity forms part of the Artspace at Bradford Cathedral programme, which programmes a range of exhibitions, events and projects at the cathedral.

Kate Abbey on her residency:

“It’s through my eyes, and through my gaze, and what I see in front of me; what engages me. I’m wanting to photograph the intimacy of the relationships. I’m wanting to capture the individuals that are there; the fabric of the cathedral that isn't stones.

“[This role] will engage me with the cathedral; it will engage me with Bradford; and it will give me an insight into that, but also I’m wanting to take that imagery and exhibit it and display it and show it through relevant and appropriate channels; through competitions or awards; so that I am kind of the channel to get it out there as well.

“So if you see me hanging around with a camera in the cathedral, in the grounds, please feel free to approach me and ask me what I’m doing!

“As we go on, and as the project evolves and the theme becomes stronger, it may be the case that I call out for people who'd like to get involved. I'd like to capture how far into the community, physically and geographically, the cathedral extends into. It doesn't just have to be within the physical building, I want to extend it out into the local community.”

See Kate's photos from her year in residence on Instagram.


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