Cathedral Choir Open Service

Singers are wanted at Bradford Cathedral!

If you have the urge to sing join our open service.


  • FLEXIBLE commitment: sign up for when you want to sing
  • MUSICAL preparation from high calibre musicians in a glorious building
  • OPPORTUNITY to join an exciting group of like-minded individuals


To find out more, please contact Dr Ed Jones on


Click here to book your place (free).



Open Day



2:00pm - Registration

2:15pm - Vocal Warm-up

2:30pm - Presentation by Alex   Berry

2:50pm - Rehearsal

4:00pm - Choral Evensong

5:00pm - Prosecco Reception


During the reception, participants will be encouraged to sign up to audition for the Cathedral choir.

What to Expect


Bradford Cathedral Choir has long been part of the church choir tradition. We are looking to continue and create a thriving choral environment, filled with passionate and skilled singers.


The purpose of our Open Service is to give people the opportunity to join our Cathedral choir and experience a fast-paced, high standard of music.


The format of the day is that of a standard choral evensong. We will sing:


  • Responses
  • Psalm
  • Canticles
  • Anthem
  • Hymns


We welcome singers from all backgrounds and with any experience.