Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days: Hidden Nature
Friday 11th - Sunday 20th September 2020


For this year's Heritage Open Days, we'll be releasing a series of special videos online along the theme of ‘Hidden Nature’.


Hidden Nature photo.


Every day will see the cathedral launching a video on their website, YouTube channel and Facebook page, in their new series called ‘Hidden Nature Close-Up’. These will cover a wide range of subjects and will see Bradford Cathedral’s Director of Education and Visitors, Maggie Myers, revealing where you can find snakes; Ilkley’s famous ‘Cow and Calf’ rocks; and even a Green Man within the building.


Alongside these daily videos there will be special ones exploring William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement; William Scoresby, Arctic explorer and later Vicar of Bradford Parish Church, now the cathedral; and the designs of Louisa Pesel.


For those wanting something more relaxing, there will also be videos filmed in the cathedral groups at dawn and twilight to capture the beauty of nature, and a chance for people to walk the updated ‘Tranquillity Trail’,  a short circular walk from the cathedral taking in Peel Park and Undercliffe Cemetery, with an online map released soon highlighting some of the things you can see on the walk.



Friday 11th September

  • Dawn Chorus in Cathedral Close
  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 1: Icon- “Cow and Calf Rocks”


Saturday 12th September

  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 2: Snakes


Sunday 13th September

  • The Hidden Nature Backgrounds of the William Morris and Co. Windows in Bradford Cathedral
  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 3: Ichthus in the Lady Chapel and Animals on the Bishop’s Throne


Monday 14th September

  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 4: Animals and Plants in the First World War Window


Tuesday 15th September

  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 5: Fruit on the William Morris altar frontal and the Green Man under the pulpit


Wednesday 16th September

  • William Scoresby, Arctic explorer, scientist and later Vicar of Bradford Parish Church (now Bradford Cathedral)
  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 6: Birds, Insects (and a tiny pig!)


Thursday 17th September

  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 7: Pelicans


Friday 18th September

  • Louisa Pesel and the “Khaki” or First World War Altar Frontal
  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 8: Bradford Boar


Saturday 19th September

  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 9: Flowers


Sunday 20th September

  • Hidden Nature Close-Up 10: St. Aidan’s Chapel Wall hangings
  • Twilight in Cathedral Close



You can find all the videos in the YouTube playlist below, with a new 'Close-Up' video launching at 9am every day from the 11th - 20th September 2020, with extra videos as well through the week. You can also find the videos on Facebook.



Tranquility Trail

Click here to download the Tranquility Trail booklet.

Click here to view the map on Map My Run / download the GPX file.


Visiting Us

Though Bradford Cathedral is currently on restricted opening times due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, visitors are welcoming to come explore Bradford Cathedral Wednesday – Sunday between 2-4pm to see some of the examples highlighted in the videos for themselves.


Heritage Open Days website

For more on our activities for this year's Heritage Open Days - and everything else happening nationally - please visit the Heritage Open Days website.