Baptism / Christening

The service of baptism, also known by the old English name of christening
(‘Christ-ing’), marks the beginning of a life lived as a disciple, following Jesus Christ as Lord, and belonging to the community of the Church.  Traditionally all babies were baptised; nowadays only some are, and increasing numbers of adults are coming for baptism for the first time - baptism is open to people of any age.

Many parents want a special moment to celebrate the amazing gift of a child, and baptism offers an opportunity to do that – but it is also a lot more than that. It means that you commit your child to follow Jesus Christ as a member of the Christian Church.  As it’s a serious service, it will involve some spiritual preparation beforehand. If you would like to undertake this, we would be delighted to discuss it further with you.  The Church does however also offer a service of Thanksgiving and Blessing for those who want to celebrate their family life and the gift of a child without making the serious commitments that baptism involves.

At the Cathedral, baptisms normally happen during the main morning service by agreement together.  There is no charge made for baptisms – membership of the Church is open to all.  However,  a realistic commitment is expected on behalf of a child, or by an adult, to become part of the church community, normally at the Cathedral.


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