On Sunday 30th January 2022 we remembered the Presentation of Christ in the Temple or Candlemas. Forty days after Christmas the Church celebrates The Presentation of Christ in the Temple or "Candlemas", re-calling the event in St Luke's Gospel when the child Jesus was greeted in the Temple by Simeon and Anna and acclaimed "as a light for the nations".

Candlemas also marks the end of the Christmas and Epiphany seasons and at the same time pivots our attention towards this coming Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

We anticipated Candlemas in the worship of all the services held in the Cathedral on Sunday 30th January 2022.



You can catch up on our Eucharist and Evensong services for two weeks.


Nunc Dimittis

We've also uploaded a recording of the Nunc Dimittis from the Sunday morning service.


Cathedral 101

We have produced a series of four videos that tell you more about Candlemas, its origins, and some facts about it. You can view them on YouTube videos below. There are also available on our Facebook page.


What is Candlemas?


More about Candlemas


Nunc Dimittis


Candlemas - Did You Know?


School Resources

We have also produced a range of Candlemas resources for you.







Ripon Cathedral Candlemas Service

The Revd Canon Paul Maybury preached at Ripon Cathedral on Wednesday 2nd February at their Candlemas service. You can watch it back on YouTube from the 28-minute mark.

There are more details on the Ripon Cathedral website.