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Healing Ministry at the Cathedral

The Christian healing ministry is not just about 'alleviating symptoms' but about getting to the root causes of illness and distress, about wholeness of body, mind, and spirit, and is a work of God. Nothing can separate us from the love of God, and when we pray for someone, we believe we are creating a space for God to work in their lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

At Bradford Cathedral we offer prayer ministry at services of Choral Eucharist with Healing at 10.15am on the third Sunday of each month. Details of services appear in the Cathedral's weekly news sheet, and on this website.

There is also a Healing Prayer Group consisting of lay and ordained members of the congregation, led by Alex McLelland. 
Group members meet together regularly for prayer and reflection, and an annual Awayday. A list of members of this group is on the Community noticeboard in the Cathedral.

The group's function is to pray for the healing and wholeness of members of the congregation or people known to them, because of illness or the need for spiritual support. They offer (in pairs) prayer and the ministry of Laying on of Hands at 10.15am services on the 3rd Sunday of each month, in private chapels at the East End of the Cathedral. People are welcome to come and ask for prayer for themselves or on behalf of someone else. There is no need to give any personal details when coming up for prayer, but if they are given, they will not be shared with anyone else.

Healing Prayer Group members are also happy to pray for members of the congregation in need at other times; please contact one of the Pastoral Care Team in person, or by phone or e-mail. Confidentiality is paramount at all times and e-requests are not discussed with others outside the group.

There is also a book of prayer requests available in the Cathedral, by the votive candle stand near the lectern. This book is taken up and placed on the altar during Sunday morning services and the contents are included in the prayers of the Cathedral community. Those unable to join us regularly for worship due to illness or infirmity are also remembered in the monthly Cathedral News.


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