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Bible Sunday


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Order of Service (Coming Soon)

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Watch Online (Sunday 25th October 2020, 10:30am)



There is no Evensong this Sunday.


Luke the Evangelist - watch back (available until Sunday 1st November 2020)


How to Watch

There are a variety of ways you can watch our services at home.


On your computer, laptop or smartphone

All you need to do is head to our Facebook page or YouTube page and you can view the streams from there.

Alternatively, if you have the Facebook app, type 'Bradford Cathedral' in the search box to be taken to our page and scroll down to the video marked 'live'.

In the YouTube app search 'Bradford Cathedral to find our page and look out for a video marked 'live'.


On your television

You can also watch our services through your television. If you have a smart TV head to your apps page and locate the Facebook or YouTube apps. If you have a device such as an Amazon Fire Stick you can also download a YouTube app and view it from there. Please search for 'Bradford Cathedral' within the app to find our channel. For further instructions please consult your device's help page or instruction manual. You can also view YouTube through Apple TV and some other providers.

You may also be able to 'cast' your computer laptop or smartphone to your television to watch the service on your bigger screen.


On your games console

You can also download the YouTube app on Sony Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch as well as some older consoles.



You can watch the online sermons back separately using the video, or audio, playlist below, or through the written words underneath.


Sunday 26th April 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 3rd May 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 17th May 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Ascension Day 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 24th May 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 7th June 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 14th June 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 21st June 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 28th June 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 5th July 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 12th July 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 19th July 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 26th July 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 2nd August 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 9th August 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 16th August 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 23rd August 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 30th August 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 6th September 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 13th September 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 20th September 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 27th September 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)

Sunday 11th October 2020: Transcription (Word) | Transcription (PDF)



  1. How do I view the stream?
    You should be able to start streaming the service from around 10am on the day of a service, and the video will appear above. If you can't see it please refresh the page. If it still doesn't appear please go directly to our YouTube page and look for a video marked 'Live'. It will also be streamed live on our Facebook page.
  2. I can't hear any sound!
    Though the stream may be live the sound / music may not begin until a few minutes before. If you still can't hear anything please check the settings on your device. If you can't hear anything still please leave a comment on the video and we will check the stream.
  3. Can I leave comments during the stream?
    Yes, you can do this, with comments, prayers or similar, but we would ask you kindly to please not to send too many comments, especially on the first week so we can easily pick up any reported technical issues