Live Stream

If you press F11 to make your screen full-screen you should be able to see the stream and service booklet together.


Watch back

The Sunday 29th March service will be available to watch back until the next service on Sunday 5th April.



Service Booklet

Click here to download the service sheet for the Sunday 29th March service.




  1. How do I view the stream?
    You should be able to start streaming the service from around 10am on the day of a service, and the video will appear above. If you can't see it please refresh the page. If it still doesn't appear please go directly to our YouTube page and look for a video marked 'Live'. It will also be streamed live on our Facebook page.
  2. I can't hear any sound!
    Though the stream may be live the sound / music may not begin until a few minutes before. If you still can't hear anything please check the settings on your device. If you can't hear anything still please leave a comment on the video and we will check the stream.
  3. Can I leave comments during the stream?
    Yes, you can do this, with comments, prayers or similar, but we would ask you kindly to please not to send too many comments, especially on the first week so we can easily pick up any reported technical issues